The Tryck Philosophy

Tryck is more than a company, it’s a philosophy.
We understand that all customers’ needs are vastly different. Tryck creates all the visual pieces you require for your project or production. Just tell us your story, your vision and your goals and we’ll handle the rest. From the first step to the last we are ready to assist you with your concept – no matter what your vision is, we have all the tools available to make it a reality.

How We Got Started

Istvan is a director by trade with extensive experience in photography as well. Both Agnes and Istvan elevated their careers as team members of the Hungarian subsidiary of the German RTL TV station from its early days. They fulfilled roles of continuity director, reporter and editor for a huge variety of tv shows, and became integral parts of the largest commercial TV station’s rise to prominence in the Hungarian market.

After RTL Istvan moved on to conducting photoshoots and gradually expanding his skills in graphic design and web design, while Agnes stayed in Television ascending to the level of production manager.

After acquiring all this experience, they were already involved in every step of creating quality content for a website from start to finish.

This is the moment when Tryck, as a collaborative group, was born.

Our Skills

Web Design

Responsive Web Design


UX/UI design


Sitemap, Sketch, Wireframe, Mockup, Prototype


SVG, CSS code development









Web Short Video


Graphic Design

Corporate identity


Logo design




Vector graphics


Pixel graphics











Our Team

Agnes Tudos

Executive Director / Production Manager

I believe in communication. In straight and clear communication. This is my superpower.

Istvan Erdei

Art Director

20 years of experience gives me the confidence to not just simply bringing visual ideas to life, but develop and research it on an almost scientific level.

Zeno Szentirmai

Motion Graphic Designer

I bring a European conceptual approach, combined with extensive worldwide experience to bring your project’s desires to life.

Marton Vecsei

Film Director

Movie making is always risky although it's full of ambition. A permanently acute question is: How could one be spontaneous, while simultaneously making plans?

Andras Nagy


Andras has a camera lens for an eye. The dream of any director, he composes images with uncanny precision.

Kata Purt

Project Manager

Passion, attitude, vision. This is how I can characterize my production manager work. I’ve worked very hard and put in a lot of time over the years.

Dr. Erika Gelencser

Legal Consultant

Legal area and communication. This is my world where I strive for speed, accuracy and complete solutions.

Janos Hamar


Specialist in WordPress website building and development. Corporate site, portfolio site or webshop.

Gabor Forian

Graphic Designer

In and out of the box. And beyond 🙂

Zsolt Varga

Graphic Designer

2D concept art, book cover and illustration, web design, storyboard and much more, for several decades.

Tamas Kreiner

Music Composer, Sound Designer

Professional sound designer, audio engineer and composer, with more than 20 years of experience.

Gabor Albert

Video Editor

As an enthusiastic creator with two decades of experience in video editing, I am looking forward to make your project dreams come true.

Adam Toth

IT Director

Web development, infrastructure and project management expert with 17 years of experience.

Balint Tudos

Technical Lead

Securing technical background, testing. More than a decade of experience in multinational enviroment.

Noemi Feher

Junior Graphic Designer

Art and drawing is my life!
I have a lot of experiences in traditional arts, and I hope I can use my knowledge in the digital world.

It’s always been a challenge for me to relay my ideas verbally, but by asking the right questions the team was able to see into my head, and I got exactly what I imagined.

David Urban - 2016 European Lacrosse ChampionshipHead Organizer

We have been working together for 10 years. They always delivered a perfect, quality job with creative solutions.

Tünde Sasvári - L'Oréal HungaryPR manager

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Mark Levin, ThemeNectar